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Terms and Conditions  



All payments for all programs are final and non-refundable for any reason. This includes injury, sickness, withdrawal, etc.  (Rain out date is next day) There are several expenses associated with Instructors / Facilities / Training Equipment / Academy Training and more. These advance expenses are the reason for this policy.  Camps facing inclement weather may have to be moved indoors or postponed to following weekend.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  Partial credits may be applied at the discretion of management. 


Uniforms – Spring and Summer Camps don’t require

All players in the “Off-Season” training programs October-April will wear IP Uniform to each lesson.  The uniform is an IP pro hat, dry fit shirt, and athletic shorts.  Cost is $75 for full uniform tax in as a set.  If you need 1 item – $30 hats / $30 shirts / $20 shorts.  Players are not required to buy a uniform each year if already have from previous years.  At time of sign up if you need the uniform please email —> insidepitch@cableregina.com appropriate sizes.


Players / Parents

Players are expected to be ready to train in uniform 5-10min before lesson time as lessons run on time, on schedule.  Showing up more than 5min late will forfeit the lesson without make up.  While at training players must be ready to listen, learn, and give their best efforts.  Parents can ask questions after workouts but during workouts they are expected not to interact with players in training area.  This is to the benefit of all the players training and enables the instructors to do their job in a professional environment.  Instructors are not their to discipline but to instruct, inform, and inspire!